• Enjoy the spirit of Freedom with spectacular AZADI SALE

    Enjoy the spirit of Freedom with spectacular AZADI SALE

    Gear up yourselves because Saya is here with its biggest Azadi sale with upto 50% off. Celebrate the spirit of Independence Day by buying your favourite shade of green or any other colour from our e-store. Premium fabric, beautiful patterns and spellbinding tones will make you gaga over our range. Shop your favourite designs before the sale ends. The start of august comes with a deep-rooted...
  • Jacquard Clothing | Ladies Shirt Online Shopping in Pakistan | SAYA

    Jacquard Clothing

    New Collection of Jacquard has Hit the Market,  Making Waves with its Uncompromising Quality and Stunning Designs Jacquard clothing in fresh new designs and styles have flooded the market, but the sad part is that with covid shopping from stores has become an impossible task. With online shopping this issue has been taken care of. If you are on the hunt for sites offering...
  • Jacquard Summer Collection 2020 | Pakistani Dresses for SALE | SAYA.PK

    Jacquard Summer Collection 2020

    Exclusive Jacquard Collection 2020 for the summers has arrived and it’s mind-blowing! Summer apparel collections are hotly awaited. As spring sets in, there is an excitement in the air! With blooming colors in the outdoors, designers take inspiration from nature. They use bold and refreshing spring palette in line with the season in their upcoming collections. The result is a vibrant burst of cheerful...
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